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New Mexico Tribal-State Judicial Consortium Wins Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Award

November 26, 2013

Due to its recognized success in improving awareness and strengthening relationships between tribal and state judiciaries, the National Criminal Justice Association is pleased to honor the New Mexico Tribal - State Judicial Consortium with its Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Award. The award is given out annually at the National Forum on Criminal Justice and Public Safety. This year's conference took place Aug. 4-6 in Chicago, Illinois.

Founded in 1998 by the New Mexico Supreme Court and the Colorado - New Mexico Indian Court Judges Association "to improve awareness and develop information...about the different judicial and legal  systems in place in the State and in the various Tribes and Pueblos," it is one of the longest lasting tribal - state court forums in the country. Its mission focuses on improving efforts against domestic violence, law enforcement, and jurisdictional issues. The Consortium has improved awareness and strengthened relationships between tribal and state judiciaries producing positive outcomes like cooperative agreements and procedures for managing multi-jurisdictional cases. One important goal of the Consortium has been to achieve greater fairness in the treatment of native and non-native defendants and victims in state courts.

"The State of New Mexico is proud to be a partner in the Tribal - State Judicial Consortium. The Tribal - State Judicial Consortium is an example of the dedication, cooperation, and collaboration we have developed in New Mexico," said Gordon Eden, secretary of the NM Department of Public Safety, "We must continue to honor and respect the rich heritage and time honored traditions of the Native Americans."

The Consortium has had a positive effect on many relationship s and has improved communication between  state and tribal judges. On average, 15 out of the 22 Tribal Courts have been attending New Mexico's annual Judicial Conclave through Tribal Scholarships since 2007.

The NCJA Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Awards are a way to seek out and share successful criminal justice programs. The purpose of these awards is to highlight programs that:

  • Address an important criminal justice issue;
  • Demonstrate effectiveness based on program goals;
  • Are a good example of use of federal funds to initiate the program that is subsequently supported through state and local funds or is self-sustaining; and
  • Can be easily replicated in other jurisdiction.

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