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The Tribal Law and Policy Institute Announces a New Joint Jurisdiction 101 Publication

November 3, 2023


The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) is pleased to announce a new short publication, Intergovernmental Collaborations to Heal, Protect, and Find Solutions: Joint Jurisdiction 101 (2023).

This publication provides general guidance to assist Tribes in making an informed decision concerning the possibility of developing a Joint Jurisdiction Court. The publication discusses what a Joint Jurisdictional Court is, the different models and approaches that exists, how a community can assess their readiness to implement a Joint Jurisdictional model, and will provide recommendations for design, development, and implementation of Joint Jurisdictional Courts from a practical standpoint. The publication also includes resources and tools used by active joint jurisdictional court practitioners.

For more information and resources for Joint Jurisdictional Court planning and implementation and an active directory of all operational Joint Jurisdictional Courts, see TLPI's Joint Jurisdiction Courts Resource page.