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New York

Tribal-State Forums

Title: Federal-State-Tribal Courts and Indian Nations Forum
Parties: New York tribes, New York federal and state courts
Date enacted/published: ongoing


In 2002, Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye of the New York Court of Appeals created the New York Tribal Courts Committee to study the possibility of establishing a federal-state-tribal courts forum in New York and to explore how different justice systems might collaborate to foster mutual understanding and minimize conflict. In 2004 they became a permanent forum. The group focused on three main issues: the placement of Indian children by the state family courts under ICWA; the resolution of jurisdictional conflicts arising from disparate rulings among federal, state and tribal justice systems; and the need to educate state and federal judges on tribal law and culture.  The mission of the Forum is to foster understanding and improve cooperation among jurisdictions. The site contains information on history, projects, conference, resources and information on tribes within New York.

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Title: Federal-State-Tribal Courts Forum: Listening Conference
Parties: New York tribal courts, New York courts
Date enacted/published: 2008


On April 26-27, 2006, the First New York Listening Conference convened state and federal judges and court officials in sessions with tribal judges, chiefs, clan mothers, peacemakers and other representatives from the justice systems of New York’s Indian Nations and tribes, to exchange information and learn about our respective concepts of justice. The report provides background information, the collaboration process in New York and priority setting. The goal of this first conference was to educate the audience of state and federal judges as to the applicable law and practice, provide a historical context, and promote understanding and respect for each other.

For additional information contact:
Joy Beane
New York State Judicial Institute
84 North Broadway
White Plains, NY 10603
(914) 824-5802