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Announcing New TLPI Website:

November 25, 2015

Introducing Our New Website

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) is pleased to announce the launch of a new TLPI website This new site includes comprehensive information on TLPI's 20 years as a non-profit serving Indian country, resources, products and publications developed by TLPI, as well as TLPI services and events. This new TLPI website is accessible directly at It is linked through the Tribal Court Clearinghouse - a comprehensive website established in June 1997 to serve as a resource for American Indian and Alaska Native Nations, American Indian and Alaska Native people, tribal justice systems, victims services providers, tribal service providers, and others involved in the improvement of justice in Indian country.






Introducing Our New Logo 

The new Tribal Law & Policy Institute logo was created by Native artist Sam English (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) in 2010 for a major TLPI project--the National Resource Center for Tribes. Over the last 24 years, Sam English has created approximately 80 poster print images for various American Indian programs relating to healing, environment, and education. Then, and now, the logo embraces a vision that is rich in symbolism.

This logo represents a vision of past, present, and future, through the depiction of children, adults, and elders encircled by the protective eagle's wings. The extended family is in the center of the circle to honor the families and communities that we serve. According to some teachings, the west represents the beginning of all life and the direction of the Spirit World. The family is facing west to honor the ancestors who continue to help us from the Spirit world.