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Title: Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise Video/Audio Tape Evidence Protocol
Parties: Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise, Connecticut State Police, and Competent Criminal Jurisdictions
Date enacted/published: 2002


This protocol provides a process for securing and transferring media for either Connecticut State Police investigations or for criminal prosecutions. The protocol includes attachments of the State Police Request Form, Certificate of Authenticity, and a Gaming Enterprise Acknowledgment Letter. Key provisions include:

  • A state trooper must submit a written State Police Request Form for the media.
  • A Connecticut state trooper and the Gaming Enterprise custodian will review the media together.
  • A Gaming Enterprise custodian will certify the copy of media is a true and accurate copy of the original by signing a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • The state trooper will acknowledge receipt of the media with a Gaming Enterprise Acknowledgment Letter.
  • Upon completion of the investigation or prosecution, the Gaming Enterprise custodian will receive all original and copies of the media.